Good Pizza, Great Pizza - Villa Vista Set - Chapter 5

از: 166,000  تومان

  • پلتفرم: استیم
  • منطقه: آمریکا، برزیل، روسیه، اوکراین
  • زمان انجام سفارش: ۳۰ دقیقه الی ۶ ساعت کاری
  • نحوه تحویل: شارژ روی اکانت
Don't want to grind? Get all [Villa Vista - Chapter 5 Garden] decorations for a slight bargain with this DLC!

Included Items:
  • Dry Brick Edging
  • Wild Posies
  • Handwoven Rug
  • Wildflower Centerpiece
  • Amethyst Curtain
  • Hexagonal Tile Deck
  • Ethereal Fence
  • Wildflower Vines
  • Serene Lounge
  • Olive Trees

If you already own any item from the list, purchasing this DLC will not provide you an extra set/ duplicate nor be discounted off of the final price. You will only receive the items you have yet to obtain.

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