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Koatl the defender x Mostroscopy

Koatl the defender x Mostroscopy

If you have Koatl the Defender and the Lost Tunnels in your Steam library, you'll have access to a new fighter, Evangeline Vierge de Fer!

Combate Monero x Mostroscopy

Combate Monero x Mostroscopy

If you have Combate Monero in your Steam library, you'll have access to a new fighter, Eda & Yolanda!

About the Game

Mostroscopy is a fighting video game that takes up the aesthetics of the horror and Luchador films of Mexican cinema from the 1950s, with an eclectic roster of monsters and masked Luchadores and a simple gameplay style with a retro presentation.

Each fighter has their own attacks, but they use a simplified command system inspired by Smash Bros and Street Fighter x Tekken.
Each fighter has 3 basic moves, the normal attack, a special attack and a guard button.

That doesn't stop you from making very satisfying combos!

The Fighter Roster includes Masked Luchadores, Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Mummies, primal monsters... and more are on the way!

  • Mostroscopy includes the classic arcade mode where you can face the final boss and know the fate of each of your fighters
  • Versus mode for two players in local mode
  • Online mode (With random matches and custom rooms)
  • Challenge mode where you can perform different combos with each character
  • Training mode to practice your most creative combos
  • Anaglyph 3D mode for that satisfying retro effect (3D glasses not included)